Best practices and common solutions for mobile pandemic applications

In COMPASS, scientists from a wide range of disciplines from university hospitals join forces with partners from science and industry in an interdisciplinary project and jointly develop a coordination and technology platform for pandemic applications.

The smartphone is the central means of communication to share health information quickly and reliably

The variety of pandemic apps, i.e. apps that were developed e.g. in hackathons to master COVID-19, shows the great potential that many experts see in them. But for apps to be effective in a pandemic, they must be used by many people. This is not only true for the Corona-Warn-App, but especially for apps for the assessment of individual risk, e.g. in case of certain pre-existing conditions. It is therefore essential that such apps enjoy the trust of the general population and that data for medical research can be evaluated together with the consent of the users.

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COMPASS AP06 goes OpenSource

Your support is needed! In times like the COVID-19 pandemic, the smartphone is the central means of communication for sharing health information quickly and reliably, even during measures such as lock-down and social distancing.

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University Hospitals

image: Peter Gocke, MD

Peter Gocke, MD

Member of the Steering Committee
image: Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun

Prof. Dr. Sylvia Thun

Principle Investigator
image: Antonia Rollwage

Antonia Rollwage

Project Coordination for Charité
image: Michael Rusongoza Muzoora

Michael Rusongoza Muzoora

Project Coordination for the Berlin Institute of Health and Scientific Collaboration
image: Rasim Atakan Poyraz

Rasim Atakan Poyraz

Scientific Collaboration
image: Andrea Elizabeth Essenwanger

Andrea Elizabeth Essenwanger

Scientific Collaboration
image: Marco Schaarschmidt

Marco Schaarschmidt

Scientific Collaboration
image: Prof. Dagmar Krefting, PhD

Prof. Dagmar Krefting, PhD

Member of the Steering Sommittee and Project Coordinator
image: Adj. Prof. Ralf Dressel, MD

Adj. Prof. Ralf Dressel, MD

Member of the Steering Committee
image: Volkmar von Arnim, PhD

Volkmar von Arnim, PhD

Member of the Steering Committee
image: Prof. Silke Schicktanz, PhD

Prof. Silke Schicktanz, PhD

Participation in WP4
image: Christian Elsner, MD, MBA 

Christian Elsner, MD, MBA 

Member of the Steering Committee
image: Marcus Will

Marcus Will

Project Coordination (WP1)
image: Derian Boer

Derian Boer

Project Coordination (WP1)
image: Marcel Bastian

Marcel Bastian

App Framework Development (WP6)
image: Torsten Panholzer, PhD

Torsten Panholzer, PhD

Coordination of the Technical Components (WP6)

Tim Simonis

Project Coordination (WP1)
image: Prof. Rüdiger Pryss, PhD

Prof. Rüdiger Pryss, PhD

Member of the Steering Committee, Management of WP3 & WP4
image: Prof. Peter U. Heuschmann, MD

Prof. Peter U. Heuschmann, MD

Co-Management of WP3 & WP4
image: Felix Beierle, PhD

Felix Beierle, PhD

Scientific Collaboration
image: Julian Haug

Julian Haug

Scientific Collaboration
image: Fabian Haug

Fabian Haug

Scientific Collaboration
image: Steffi Jírů-Hillmann

Steffi Jírů-Hillmann

Scientific Collaboration
image: Klaus Kammerer

Klaus Kammerer

Scientific Collaboration
image: Georg Langebartels, MD

Georg Langebartels, MD

Project Manager in Subproject 6.2
image: Prof. Martin Dugas, MD, Dipl.-Inf.

Prof. Martin Dugas, MD, Dipl.-Inf.

Working Group UKM

Michael Storck, PhD

Working Group UKM
image: Winfried Schlee, PhD

Winfried Schlee, PhD

Head of the Working Group
image: Axel Schiller

Axel Schiller

Coordination und Scientific Collaboration
image: Andrea Madesta, PhD

Andrea Madesta, PhD

Scientific Collaboration
image: Sebastian Gräf

Sebastian Gräf

Scientific Collaboration
image: Markus Krippner

Markus Krippner

Scientific Collaboration
image: Prof. Harald Baumeister, PhD

Prof. Harald Baumeister, PhD

Head of the Working Group
image: Michael Winter

Michael Winter

Scientific Collaboration
image: Funda Uz

Funda Uz

Scientific Collaboration
image: Michael Stach

Michael Stach

Scientific Collaboration
image: Prof. Oliver Amft, PhD

Prof. Oliver Amft, PhD

App Framework (WP6), Automated Conformance Checking
image: Dr. Luis Lopera

Dr. Luis Lopera

Scientific Collaboration in WP6
image: David Kopyto

David Kopyto

Scientific Collaboration in WP6

External Partners

Further partners will be published soon...

image: Marc Holfelder

Marc Holfelder

Regulatory Consulting

Gustav Vella


Steffen Weber


Jonathan Reisdorf


Morten Ernebjerg


Sebastian Woinar


Florian Helmchen


Tim Walz


Alena Schmickl

Cloud Architecture

Alexander Gottschall

Frontend Development

Christian Lenz

Backend Development

Sabina Hühne


Thorsten Gau

Chief Technology Officer