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COMPASS AP06 goes OpenSource

Your support is needed!

In times like the COVID-19 pandemic, the smartphone is the central means of communication for sharing health information quickly and reliably, even during measures such as lock-down and social distancing. The variety of pandemic apps, i.e. apps that have been developed e.g. in hackathons to control COVID-19, shows the great potential that many experts see in them. However, for apps to be effective in the pandemic, they must be used by many people. This applies not only to the Corona warning app, but especially to apps for assessing individual risk, e.g. in the case of certain pre-existing conditions. It is therefore necessary that such apps enjoy the trust of the general population and that data for medical research can be evaluated together with the consent of the users.

In the project COMPASS (Coordination on mobile pandemic apps best practice and solution sharing), funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), scientists from a wide range of disciplines from university hospitals are joining forces with partners from science and industry in an interdisciplinary project to jointly develop a coordination and technology platform for pandemic apps. This is to become an integral part of the University Medicine Network, complement the research data platform and already provide guidelines and methods at runtime in order to be able to use health apps to combat a pandemic as effectively, efficiently and research-worthy as possible. The project combines existing and deployed pandemic apps in an open source modular solution and a corresponding directly usable but also configurable modular development (NUM-App). Further information can be found in the profile.

All developments related to the platform will be published under open source licence(s) for society, especially for university hospitals. For the sustainable further development of the coordination and technology platform for pandemic apps during the funding period and beyond, we would like to build a community that accompanies the development through active support and suggestions.

We need your support in the development process to achieve the best results! Become part of the community by joining our group on meetup and participating in the launch event on 18.03. and, if possible, already in the pre-kickoff on 11.03.. The dial-in data can be found after registration in meetup.